Why stopping at every house matters

I’m currently doing doors in Saint Albans and stopping at every place unless there are opponent signs, no trespassing notices or the place is clearly vacant. One place I hit this afternoon had two vehicles with Massachusetts plates. Would you have skipped it? I saw someone working in the garage, so I grabbed a palm card and introduced myself. There was a couple who had just moved from western Massachusetts and were unloading their belongings. We ended up chatting for almost an hour and not just about politics. I was able to recommend a dentist, a chiropractor, a healthcare facility as well as where to buy fruit trees and berry bushes next spring. I also alerted them to good places for book sales and that it’s buck night at the Pittsfield theater on Monday. I suspect they might even vote for me come November.

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    Laurie Graves August 21, 2018


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