What I’m good at

1-Writing. I’ve been a newspaper columnist for four different Maine papers. I’ve contributed essays and book reviews to Wolf Moon Journal and the Maine Library Association quarterly newsletter. In addition, I’ve had one book and numerous short stories published.

2-Reviewing. I’ve reviewed close to a thousand books for various websites and am an audio book and video reviewer for School Library Journal. I’ve also been a reviewer of books (as has my wife) for the Five For Five program at the Maine State Library. All of the books we’ve reviewed have been given to the Hartland Public Library after we’ve finished the reviews.

3-Library technology, support and cataloging standards. Between Boothbay Harbor, Hartland and the Maine Balsam Library Consortium, I’ve cleaned up or enhanced over 40,000 bibliographic records. I’m currently the chief cataloger for the consortium.

4-Public speaking. I not only feel comfortable speaking in public, I enjoy doing so.

5-Active listening. My career as a librarian, particularly in a healthcare environment taught me to listen carefully and keep asking questions until the other person and I knew what they really wanted in terms of information.

6-Grant writing, both government and private grants in the library, health and nonprofit fields.

7-Problem solving and collaboration. I know I don’t have all the answers, but I like the sense of accomplishment when a group comes together and makes something better.

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