We’re on the trail several days a week

Now that we have signs and a way of creating street lists, Beth and I are spending time several afternoons every week, knocking on doors and meeting voters. Contacting 7,000 people between June and early November is easy peasy…Right?

This was the part I was most hesitant about, but it’s really rewarding and eye-opening listening to what really matters to citizens in Somerset County. We’re alternating between Palmyra and Cambridge right now and we keep careful notes regarding what folks tell us so I can distill all that information into better policies as the campaign moves on. There are side benefits to doing doors. Yesterday, I chatted with an old friend of the late musician Jack Woodbury and at another place, Beth took some great photos of three butterflies getting a drink from a freshly watered garden.

Look for us at your place sometime down the road.

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