Want to support my clean election candidacy-Here’s how

Interested in supporting my candidacy? You don’t need to be a Democrat, just a registered voter in one of the towns listed below.
To make a $5.00 online contribution to support me, go to www.maine.gov/cleanelections
Choose your town (Cambridge, Canaan, Hartland, Palmyra, Ripley or St. Albans)
enter your street number, street address, first and last name, then click on continue
On the next page, put a check mark in front of my name,
scroll down to continue, enter credit card information and you’re all set.

Make it payable to the Maine Clean Election Fund. While they can be mailed to me at
John R. Clark
70 Pleasant Street
Hartland ME 04943

It is better to drop by the house or call me so I can come pick them up as I need to have you sign a Receipt & Acknowledgment form


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