Update on Issues 10/22/18

In recent weeks, it has become very clear that one huge difference between republican and democratic candidates is in how they listen to voters and use the information to shape their plans once elected. Last evening at the Somerset County Democratic Meeting, those of us running shared insights and experiences from the field. It wasn’t a surprise that health care-affordability and availability, to be specific, come up at almost every door we hit.
All of us are hearing stories that shock, sadden and worry us. In my last ad in The Rolling Thunder, I shared four examples of people who have had to give up or postpone important treatments or screenings because of no health insurance or an extremely high deductible. For each of those examples, I believe there are at least ten more I haven’t heard yet. Is my opponent hearing any of these? Is he responding with anything other than the party line? His campaign literature leads me to think not.
I’m not promising that my being elected will change availability or affordability, but I do believe that a collective of new, compassionate legislators at state and national levels will bring about positive change. YOUR part in that is to help me, Sue Mackey Andrews and Jeff Johnson get elected on November sixth. Once you do your part, we can do ours.

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