Talking and Listening

This is where I'll be sharing what people tell me or insights I come up with in the course of campaigning

  • Almost everyone who answers their door is interested in having a conversation. In the course of those, many unexpected things happen. One that I particularly welcome is when children stand with parents while we’re talking. I try to involve them in the discussion if they’re not too shy. I remember how I felt when visitors

  • I’ve knocked on about 85% of the doors. Better than 95% have been willing to have a conversation and sometimes you get a bonus like the wicked neat sticka and cantaloupe we got when we stopped in to see Jill Breen

  • I’m currently doing doors in Saint Albans and stopping at every place unless there are opponent signs, no trespassing notices or the place is clearly vacant. One place I hit this afternoon had two vehicles with Massachusetts plates. Would you have skipped it? I saw someone working in the garage, so I grabbed a palm

  • The past few days have been brutal in terms of weather-humid, hot and occasionally drenching. Several times, I was ready to set off and knock on doors, but didn’t. Why? Because I put myself in the shoes of people behind those doors, asking myself, ‘If I’m hot, sweaty and feeling wrung out, would I want

  • Pure democracy in action. If you’re a Hartland resident of any age, think about attending. Some of my strongest memories as a teen come from what I saw and heard at Union town meetings. AND the Couples Club will be selling pies.

  • I’ve been helping my neighbor prune a very old apple tree as well as doing the same to a couple of mine. We chatted while working and he was expressing his frustration over the inability of the State of Maine to come up with a simple, easy to understand method of regulating growing marijuana for

  • I’m in the getting everything in order part of the campaign, completing the clean election contribution and seed money reports. All that needs to be done by April 20th. Even so, not a day goes by without at least one conversation relating to my running for the legislature. These have happened at Bullmoose in Waterville,

  • I received a call several nights ago from a voter I’d contacted about a clean election contribution. Her call was in regards to a pretty strong odor problem her parents were experiencing that originated in the Hartland landfill behind their house. When I brought my Clean Election contribution forms to be validated by the town

  • Got two pieces of mail today that were personally repugnant. One was a letter and accompanying pledge form from Rep. Harry Lockman, president of an entity calling itself Maine First Project. I checked him out online and he’s so far to the other side, I’d need the Hubble Telescope to view him clearly. His ‘pledge’

  •   Approximately 250 people participated including two Maine teachers of the year, students of all ages, moms, dads, grandparents, clergy and legislators. Best quote (paraphrased) came from one of the teachers. “You want us to carry guns when you can’t even provide Kleenex? I have to buy that for my students, myself.” No wonder teachers

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