Something Dirty This Way Slithers.

Got two pieces of mail today that were personally repugnant. One was a letter and accompanying pledge form from Rep. Harry Lockman, president of an entity calling itself Maine First Project. I checked him out online and he’s so far to the other side, I’d need the Hubble Telescope to view him clearly. His ‘pledge’ which there[‘s no way in hell I’d ever sign, includes promises to: defund sanctuary cities, end the ‘refugee resettlement racket’, stop all welfare benefits and aid to illegals, end common core, reform teacher tenure, **establish education savings account for full parental school choice**, repeal the candidate welfare program (aka “clean elections”, stop subsidizing worthless majors (for example, minority studies) and redirect those funds to vocational tech schooling, and a bunch more. As you might well imagine, I found the entire two page document beyond offensive.

Likewise the postcard from (DO NOT go to that website. When I did, it tried to grab my browser). They offer all the services I, and I hope you, detest-robocalling, voter ID surveys, public opinion polls (I suspect of the slanted variety. No thanks folks. I prefer to campaign as I’m doing now. Meeting folks in person and listening to what’s important to THEM.

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    Laurie Graves April 6, 2018


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