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This is just a starting point. As I chat with people in District 105, I’m sure I’ll learn plenty about things I’m unaware of. Below are quick thoughts on various issues.

1-Healthcare: It’s a mess and too costly. I think a single payer system has promise. I’m intrigued with what Jeff Bezos, Warren Buffett and Jamie Dimon are exploring.

2-Guns: I own some, hunted for more than 50 years, but NO ONE should have automatic weapons and arming teachers is just plain nuts.

3-Reproductive rights: We have no business legislating what/how someone decides to prevent or terminate a pregnancy. I find it more immoral that insurance covers erectile dysfunction medication at a time when others are balking at covering birth control prescriptions.

4-Global warming: It’s real, we may be too late to reverse it, but we sure should try. I also think we should use the research capabilities of the university system to figure out what crops/forestry enhancements we can try in Maine as the climate warms.

5-Education: College is too expensive. Our community college system is a valuable resource and we should provide teachers with adequate resources to do their job…And they shouldn’t have to be medication specialists, social workers or quasi-law enforcement officials. Teaching is a full time job as it is.

6-Immigration: First off, we’re a shrinking and aging state. The job issue in Maine is a Catch 22–We need jobs, but jobs won’t come to Maine or be created without a viable work force…And a lot of our kids leave as soon as they graduate. Most immigrants are not terrorists. Many have skills and a desire to embrace the American dream. There is also a big difference between spending money and investing it. I believe that inviting immigrants, subsidizing their acclimation and helping them get a job skill will pay off big time in the future. It will allow vacant houses to be restored, add to property taxes and increase a shrinking school population.

7-LBGTQ rights: I’m a very strong supporter of equal rights and treatment for every and any person regardless of race, color, creed or gender orientation.

More coming as the campaign progresses.

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