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Coming appearances

10/23/18 Government class at Nokomis High School 9:30

10/25/18 Candidate night at the Hartland/St. Albans Lions Club 6 P.M.

10/30/18 Meeting with JMG students at Nokomis High School from 12:30- 1:45

Daily, weather permitting-Going door to door in Canaan and Palmyra.

Joining Speaker Sara Gideon tomorrow in Freeport

An Afternoon with Actor Jeff Daniels
Sunday, August 5 at 4 p.m.
The Home of Speaker Sara and Ben Gideon
37 South Freeport Road in Freeport


We’re on the trail several days a week

Now that we have signs and a way of creating street lists, Beth and I are spending time several afternoons every week, knocking on doors and meeting voters. Contacting 7,000 people between June and early November is easy peasy…Right?

This was the part I was most hesitant about, but it’s really rewarding and eye-opening listening to what really matters to citizens in Somerset County. We’re alternating between Palmyra and Cambridge right now and we keep careful notes regarding what folks tell us so I can distill all that information into better policies as the campaign moves on. There are side benefits to doing doors. Yesterday, I chatted with an old friend of the late musician Jack Woodbury and at another place, Beth took some great photos of three butterflies getting a drink from a freshly watered garden.

Look for us at your place sometime down the road.

Coming events

The campaign is starting to move. Last weekend was candidate training at the Augusta Civic Center. Tomorrow, I’ll be at the Business after Hours event at Nokomis High School in Newport on Thursday, May 17th, from 4:30-7pm. Friday evening will be a private question and answer gathering in Saint Albans, followed by the state Democratic convention in Lewiston.

If you’re interested in my coming to an event or meeting, please feel free to invite me.

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